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Trimo90 Shampoo

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Healthy Habit for Scalp and Hair

Differentiated know-how and Prescription of Extraordinary Active Ingredients

01 Certified for Reliable Efficacy Relieving Hair Loss Symptoms

  • Dexpanthenol: Relief of hair loss symptoms - hair elasticity and hair root strengthening
  • Salicylic acid: Relief of hair loss symptoms · removal of scalp wastes such as sebum
  • L-menthol: Relief of hair loss symptoms · scalp sedation and itching prevention

02 Key Points of Trimo90 Shampoo

1. Growth factors containing a patented complex HairVax

    • Growth factors: VEGF (helpful to hair growth), KGF(helpful to maintenance and strengthening of scalp barrier function), bFGF (helpful to normalization of scalp function)
    • Peptides: Copper Tripeptide-1 (healthy scalp and hair care), NP7 (helpful to improvement of scalp blood circulation), Phytopeptide-1 (helpful to improving scalp through scalp sedation)
    • MOplex Complex: Complex of 9 patented natural extracts (portulaca, dong quai, fleeceflower, asaroum, biota orientalis, sophora root, lycium, safflower and ginko leaf)

2. Ingredients carefully selected based on papers on hair loss

    • Biotin: Essential nutrient for healthy hair
    • Brewer’s Yeast Extract: Rich content of biotin, an essential nutrient for healthy hair
    • Serena Serrulata Fruit Extract (Saw Palmetto): Scalp care through regulation of sebum secretion
    • FPSB Complex: Helpful to hair growth

03 7 natural ingredients for healthy scalp

  • Natural Multi Complex: Green tea, portulaca oleracea, centella asiatica, artemisia vulgaris, houttuynia cordata and olive leaf extracts

04 Clean Cleaning without Irritation

  • Use of Natural Surfactant: A natural surfactant derived from coconut. An amino acid surfactant is used to wash sensitive scalp and damaged hair without irritation.
  • Slightly Acidic Product without Irritation to the Scalp: It is recommended to use slightly acidic products to remove only wastes and microorganisms while leaving the skin's lipid envelope intact. Dermagen Trimo90 Shampoo is a slightly acidic, hypoallergenic one that removes wastes from hair and scalp without irritating the skin.
  • No addition of harmful ingredients (Silicon, CMIT/MIT, Paraben, Sulfate/Synthetic surfactants, Benzophenone, Artificial colors, Artificial flavors) to the scalp: Ingredients harmful to the scalp were thoroughly excluded so that even those with sensitive and problematic scalp could use it safely.



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